System Design

System Design

Provision of comprehensive services in the development and operations of systems through a complete spectrum of services including: facility and functional space design, product line identification, reimbursement structuring, clinical program development and implementation, finance, marketing and promotion. These services are provided for the following venues of care:

Provision of System Design including:

  • Productivity: The delineation of appropriate staff productivity standards and assistance in the design and implementation of a productivity analysis system which includes: ongoing monitoring of productivity analysis system and input into staffing and budgeting decisions.
  • Program Evaluation: The development of a participatory, three-phased approach to the design and implementation of a program evaluation system, which serves as a vital management and accountability tool and as the nucleus of strategic planning and marketing.
  • Management Information: The implementation of a comprehensive approach to program management with a primary focus upon four major dimensions of program administration:
    • time
    • space
    • resources
    • reimbursement

The system monitors service, delivery and resource utilization while providing a framework for scheduling, billing and charting of patient activity.

Murer Consultants will provide strategic concepts, ongoing consultation and oversight to project completion and implementation including the following:

  • Written articulation of concept and product/service line determination and mix
  • System governance model
  • Certificate of Need (CON) if required
  • Licensing requirements
  • Regulatory issues itemized and addressed
  • Facility/Space design related to functional purpose
  • Reimbursement models outlined
  • Restructuring of organization to meet management and operational needs
  • Staffing requirements and mix
  • Equipment specifications
  • Specific program models with project oversight through implementation

Healthcare Space Design

Design of interior and exterior space for new and existing programs, including analysis of space needs, single line design of renovated or new construction, development of efficient patterns of traffic flow for patients and staff to ensure appropriate service delivery and coordination of design, architecture, and furnishings for an optimal environment.

Clinical Program Design

Design and development of clinical product lines responsive to market demands, existing opportunities, available resources, and the competitive environment; redevelopment of existing services and staff organization to maximize effectiveness and productivity in existing programs; assistance in all phases of program development.