Short-Term Acute Care Hospital

Murer Consultants has had a long history of hospital and health facility management. Murer Consultants has provided both hospital management services and oversight management services, as well as being the initial hospital manager of new hospitals.

Murer Consultants can assist a hospital in optimizing its resources and capabilities to enhance the hospital’s fiscal and operational status. For example, a project might include:

  • Validation of accuracy of its reimbursement rates
  • Guidance and direction for its outpatient services related to capital, product lines and human resource needs
  • Due diligence related to potential strategic partners
  • Facilitation of discussions with medical staff regarding clinical special program growth
  • Cost benefit analysis to determine feasibility of establishing designated ICU
  • Strategy and timelines for managed care contract negotiations
  • Enhancement and restructuring of case management activities

Murer Consultants is available to assist a hospital and/or health system whether developing a new facility or closing an existing hospital. The expertise gained in establishing new facilities also provides Murer Consultants with the depth of knowledge necessary to assist hospitals and health systems in the closure of hospitals, making sure all items are considered and finalized when it is necessary to shut down a facility.

Whatever the problem, Murer Consultants can assist in the identification of a solution for your hospital. For more information please contact Murer Consultants.