Feasibility, Development, and Management

Since the inception of Murer Consultants, Inc. in 1984, the company has been a leader in the preeminent feasibility, development, and management trends of the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and today including:

  • Clinical Co-Management
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Expansion of the Continuum of Care
  • Development of Specific Venues
  • Case Management by Venue
  • Hospital Within a Hospital (HWH) Establishment

Murer Consultants was one of the first firms who actively encouraged outpatient programming as a revenue and growth opportunity. CORFs, inpatient units and specialty hospitals have been care venues developed and implemented in conjunction with numerous clients. Murer coined the term and concept of a “medical day hospital” in the late 1980′s, which continues to be used in healthcare today. The LTACH is a particular expertise developed by Murer; its LTACH model for not-for-profit systems has been an outstanding success.


When conducting Feasibility Studies, Murer will make a total competitive analysis of facility statistical and demographic data using local, regional and national data in order to:

  • Determine the efficacy of moving forward with a given concept
  • Determine existing market position with present program structure
  • Assess status of competition related to desired program identification
  • Review impact of present and prospective legislation relating to the project
  • Develop extensive analysis of financial impact of project including:
    • Capital requirements
    • Three-year pro forma
    • Staffing requirements and phase-in impact
    • Profit projections
    • Return on Investment
  • Present an analysis of trend on local, regional and national basis
  • Identify key factors and options regarding proposed project include:
    • Joint venture opportunities
    • Networking structure
    • Continuum of care model
  • Examine impact of existing political and strategic planning environment
  • Assess key implications and identify long-range and strategic planning objectives and options relative to potential execution of project

Murer will determine the viability of establishing the desired facility, within an agreed-upon time frame, concentrating on:

  • Product Line Identification
  • Market Share Potential
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Gross Space Needs

Also within this time frame, Murer will conduct interviews with key people, produce a written report following each site visit, have an informal work session one month prior to the end of the contract, as well as a written and oral presentation of the final report.


Murer Consultants has been recognized as an expert in the development of healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Murer has been a key facilitator in the feasibility and development of more than 50 Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, along with other types of hospitals, CORFs, ASCs, Free-standing ERs and IRFs.

Murer reviews all applicable statutes, regulations and requirements in regard to the facility being developed and its operation. Included under a development contract are the following areas of development:

  • Federal and State Regulatory Compliance
  • Governance and Organizational Structure
  • Medicare Certification and State Licensure
  • Finance/Reimbursement
  • Bed Allocation
  • Product Line Structuring
  • Facility Space Utilization
  • JCAHO Accreditation
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Mock Survey(s) – Which will assure readiness for Medicare certification and state licensure
  • Orientation and Educational Work Sessions for Clinical Staff and Physicians
  • Case Management Integration

Murer Consultants will also act as liaison with the Fiscal Intermediary to assure a smooth working relationship and transition to being a Medicare-certified facility. Murer can work in conjunction with architects and/or contractors advising on space configurations to in order optimize designs for programmatic and marketing positioning and assuring compliance with applicable federal hospital regulations. Until completion of the contract, Murer will provide both on- and off-site consultation.


In today’s tumultuous times, healthcare providers must navigate the waters with neither pessimism nor fear, but with a strong dose of practicality and pragmatism.

The mission of Murer Consultants is to promote problem solving in the healthcare industry based on sound pragmatic reasoning with development of realistic recommendations which can be implemented within a given timeframe.

Murer Consultants can assist in the management and program development of many types of facilities including:

  • General Acute Care Hospitals
  • Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACHs)
  • Specialty Hospitals (Cancer, Children’s Orthopedic)
  • Exempted Psychiatric Facilities
  • Physician Hospitals
  • Home Care/Hospices
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs)
  • Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (CORFs)
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs)
  • Free-standing ERs
  • Other Types of Facilities

Murer Consultants can provide these facilities with its expertise in the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning and Direction
  • Marketing Positioning
  • Certificate of Need
  • Clinical Program Development
  • Specific operational areas related to:
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Census Monitoring
    • Revenue Enhancement/Accounts Receivable Review
  • Due Diligence (mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions and change of ownerships)
  • Operational Audits including CMS Survey Preparedness
    • Mock Survey
    • Identification of Noted Deficiencies
    • Action Plan with Detailed Recommendations
  • Coding Compliance
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Regulatory & Reimbursement Compliance including:
    • State Licensure
    • Certificate of Need
    • Medicare/Medicaid Licensure, Certification/Troubleshooting
    • Provider Based Status
    • Mock Surveys
    • Review and Revision of Policies and Procedures
    • Review Staffing Credentials
    • All CMS 855 Forms
    • EMTALA
    • Board Leadership/Governance