Electronic Health Records

EHR/EMR & Meaningful Use

Electronic Health Records are an important part of the healthcare industry today. Murer Consultants is an industry leader in working with eligible hospitals and professionals to ensure successful acquisition of Medicare and Medicaid meaningful use funding. Murer has successfully obtained multi-million dollar meaningful use payments for a variety of provider types over the last two years, including acute care hospitals, critical access hospitals, physicians, and mid-level providers. In 2011 and 2012 Murer Consultants was instrumental in collecting over $60,000,000 for various facilities.

In our capacity as consultants, we provide robust EHR incentive solutions to ensure accurate tracking of incentive payments, as well as accountability within our clients’ organizations. Our services include assessment of meaningful use data collection process, determination of eligibility in Medicaid and Medicare incentive programs, mock audits, and provide ongoing support for a wide range of meaningful use questions and concerns.

Our expertise in the areas of regulatory compliance and provider enrollment serve as the foundation of our work, and we strive to ensure accuracy through the EHR registration and attestation process. When necessary, we work with clients to amend processes and enrollment records to comply with all meaningful use and incentive program requirements. We assist providers throughout the EHR incentive payment process to ensure seamless implementation.

Murer provides the following EHR services at competitive and unique pricing:

  • Assessment and analysis of EHR products
  • Review of meaningful use data collection process
  • Development of comprehensive work plans and tracking tools to monitor progress and ensure accountability
  • Assess eligibility of hospitals and professionals, including Medicaid encounter assessments
  • Calculation of potential incentive payments and overall project assessment
  • Collection of essential project data and coordination with support staff (e.g. office managers)
  • Registration on behalf of EH’s and ED
  • Attestations
  • Tracking of funds
  • Mock audits
  • Updated
  • Regulatory interpretations from CMS
  • Ongoing availability and support for questions and concerns

Murer Consultants has been instrumental in collecting over $60,000,000 in 2011 and 2012 for various facilities.