Long recognized as an innovative industry player by leading healthcare professionals, Murer Consultants, Inc. has positioned itself to provide clients the same high-quality, innovative service in the arena of Strategic Communications and
Public Affairs.
In association with Serafin & Associates of Chicago, Murer Consultants is now able to apply its industry expertise to provide critical assistance with messaging and media relations. Because of our sophisticated understanding of modern healthcare and the political, regulatory and governmental environment in which we operate, Murer Consultants is well-positioned to assist with crisis communications, communication strategies, digital strategies, governmental relations and media relations, as well as coalition building and public outreach.
Murer Consultants knows healthcare. Serafin & Associates knows communication. Together, we have strong ties to media organizations and the healthcare industry nationwide. We understand how to frame, tell and place stories for audiences – both public and private. To ensure the business objectives of modern healthcare organizations, the challenges faced must be properly defined and effectively communicated both internally and externally. Whether dealing with the public, regulatory agencies, law-making bodies or your own internal stakeholders, communication strategy, its design, execution and implementation are paramount to success. Murer Consultants solves communication needs by integrating them with healthcare solutions.