Our Services

Feasibility, Development, and Management

Murer Consultants’ experience in program design, as well as hospital or facility feasibility, development and management is second to none. Murer Consultants has developed and implemented a wide range of facilities, programs, and units that provide services covering the full spectrum of the continuum of care.


Murer Consultants works across a broad range of healthcare regulatory matters. As such, it is able not only to serve the needs of its diverse set of clients but also to keep abreast of the latest developments in an ever-changing environment. Healthcare is a field greatly shaped by both federal and state regulations.

Financial Incentives and Restructuring

Murer recognizes the importance financial viability plays in healthcare systems and strives to find new revenue streams in these challenging times. As healthcare continually evolves, regulations change, and sources of revenue evolve, it is imperative to develop new efficiencies and sources of fiscal stability to remain viable and competitive.

Strategic Planning and Quality Improvements

Healthcare systems require constant reevaluation and strategic planning to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment and remain competitive with peer organizations. Murer offers a wide range of services targeted at providing direction for insightful growth and for aligning and improving quality and institutional effectiveness.


Murer Consultants has developed a vast and diverse set of expertise acquired over 30 years of working in the healthcare field. The firm has gained its reputation for its work in the development of strategies and organizational structures responsive to an ever-reforming and continually changing healthcare delivery system. Likewise, our talented consultants have gained a reputation for their technical capacity as well their diverse skillset, ranging from legal, medical, clinical, financial, to managerial expertise.