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Non-Traditional Service Lines: Partner with a FQHC

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Non-Traditional Service Lines: Partner with a FQHC


Murer Consultants Expert Advice: Non-Traditional Service Lines

The healthcare industry is anything but stagnant. Rapid change is upon us. As a healthcare professional, you know that it’s critical to streamline costs and consistently develop new and growing partnerships.

With this in mind, Murer Consultants is compiling its top tips to assist entities in optimizing their programs.

Consider partnering with an FQHC to establish an on campus service delivery site

Is your hospital ED seeing an inordinate amount of low acuity uninsured patients?

Murer Recommends: Partner with an FQHC to establish an on-campus service delivery site.

The benefits are plentiful: FQHCs receive enhanced Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement levels for treating uninsured and under-insured patients. FQHCs more frequently succeed in enrolling uninsured patients in Medicaid and establishing a Medical Home. Establishing a medical home for patients not only promotes more appropriate and efficient service utilization, it keeps non-ED patients out of the emergency room. For hospitals it means savings through greatly reduced charity care expenditures.

Murer Consultants has significant experience brokering successful affiliations between FQHCs and hospitals. Contact us at 708.478.7030 or at info@murer.com to see how we can further assist you.

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