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About Us

Founded in 1985, Murer Consultants, Inc. is a national legal-based health care management consulting firm.  Murer Consultants gained its reputation for work in the development of strategies and organizational structures responsive to an ever-changing health care delivery system. The company is comprised of consultants with legal backgrounds as well as varied experience in medicine, clinical services, finance and management. With clients in 42 states, Murer Consultants represents a variety of health care providers, ranging from large multi-hospital health care systems and academic medical centers to midsized physician group practices.  Murer Consultants focuses on strategic positioning, regulatory compliance, licensure and certificate of need, consolidation/acquisition, financial management, hospital feasibility, development and management, and physician relations including clinical co-management.

Understanding that healthcare is a complex integration of medical, social, economic, legal and government issues, Murer Consultants, Inc. brings a unique combination of expertise skilled in both the macro and micro-aspects of planning, organization, development, finance, medicine and law. This unique organizational matrix produces the most informed, comprehensive and result-oriented service available in health care today.