Mark A. Kelly, MRC, has been employed by Murer Consultants as a Senior Consultant and as Chief Executive Officer in a Long Term Acute Care Hospital managed by Murer Consultants, Inc.  Mr. Kelly currently serves as Murer Consultants’ On-Site Administrator at Regional Med Extended Care Hospital, LLC in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mr. Kelly is a seasoned healthcare professional with over fifteen years of experience in hospital and rehabilitation administration including start-up operations.  He has a varied background in the healthcare area, having been the Chief Executive Officer at numerous hospitals, both rehab and long term acute care.  His academic background was in the field of vocational rehabilitation.

Known as a strong leader, able to build and motivate high performance teams, Mr. Kelly has excellent communication and motivational skills.  He is a creative problem-solver who is skilled in the management of multiple clinical and support service departments, as well as medical staff recruitment and development.  He applies effective operational and fiscal strategies to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes.


  • Feasibility, Development, and Management


Graduate School, Year, Degree

Undergraduate, Year, Degree

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