Statistical Analyst

Bridget Bellavia is a Statistical Analyst with Murer Consultants, Inc. Ms. Bellavia holds a BA in Physics from Northwestern University, with a concentration in Astro-Physics. While at Northwestern, Ms. Bellavia conducted X-ray optic research in a lab funded and supported by NASA, and co-authored three research publications published in SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics). Ms. Bellavia worked at Murer Consultants as a summer intern throughout her undergraduate experience.

At Murer, Ms. Bellavia is an integral team member working with academic medical centers and health systems to enhance reimbursement opportunities and optimize quality and regulatory compliance. Ms. Bellavia specializes in Medicare/Medicaid and Commercial Payer reimbursement modeling, as well as Medicare provider-based feasibility and forecasting. This work includes ensuring optimum compliance with third party and Medicare/Medicaid billing and reimbursement requirements as well as all applicable federal and state regulations. Ms. Bellavia’s work also includes data gathering and analysis related to metric development and quality improvement programs, such as clinical co-management. Ms. Bellavia also assists in provider enrollment processes and completion of Medicare/Medicaid filings.


  • Financial Incentives and Restructuring


Northwestern University. Francis, B.A.

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