Skilled Nursing Facility

A Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) is a type of health care institution that meets the criteria for Medicaid and Medicare certification and reimbursement for intense skilled medical care. Skilled medical care includes the provision of physician, rehabilitation, nursing, dietary and pharmacy services as needed to provide appropriate care to patients. SNFs may be hospital-based distinct part units or free-standing.

Murer Consultants has been engaged in various stages of feasibility, development, and management of over 30 SNFs in the United States. Projects for clients have entailed:

  • Market and feasibility studies, including Discharge, Length of Stay, and DRG analyses;
  • Commercial contract negotiations;
  • Post-acute and skilled bed need determinations;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Facility development;
  • Certificate of need consulting;
  • Regulatory compliance / impact assessments;
  • Mock surveys;
  • State and federal regulatory liaison;
  • Licensing and certification consulting;
  • Staffing and equipment recommendations;
  • Reimbursement analysis;
  • Financial forecasting, including Budget preparation;
  • Cost and revenue cycle management;
  • Provider Payor enrollment;
  • Regulatory / public comment submissions; and
  • Operational management, including administration oversight and staff training.

For more information regarding services provided or to see how Murer can assist in the development or management of your SNF, please contact Murer Consultants.