Regulatory Management

Regulatory Management

Murer Consultants has a long history in managing regulatory responsibilities for clients. The regulatory environment continues to change, and when new regulations are published, the guidelines for implementation can be complex to initiate. When system restructuring or growth occurs, there is often the need to look at regulatory issues as well as meeting compliance standards.

Murer Consultants provides advice, assistance and oversight for:

  • Medicare Certification
  • State Licensure for all venues of healthcare
    • Hospitals
    • Specialty Hospitals
    • ASCs
    • Units
    • Pharmacies
    • Laboratories
  • Provider-Based Status and Satellite
  • Change of Ownership

Recent examples of regulatory engagements include:

  • Compliance issues for rural physicians
  • Regulatory issues facing radiologists
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • PATH audits
  • Physician Supervision

Murer Consultants has significant experience in more than 42 states and multiple countries dealing with ownership issues, disclosure and many other regulatory requirements.