Distinct Part Units

Certain institutions may qualify a part of their hospital for exclusion from the Prospective Payment System (PPS) as a Distinct Part Unit (DPU). Psychiatric, Rehabilitation, Children’s, Long-Term Care Units (LTACH), Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) and Cancer Hospitals, are eligible to qualify for the exclusion.

Murer Consultants provides regulatory guidance and consultation for all eligible types of distinct part units. Murer Consultants can assist your facility through targeted analysis concerning program assessment and expansion, organizational structure, assess regulatory compliance, and assist in your operational, financial and strategic issues and opportunities.

Murer Consultants can draft contracts/agreements with physicians and/or vendors, assist in space concept design, prepare operating budgets and staffing requirements and conduct patient record audits. Murer will also work with construction efforts to ensure that the distinct unit is not commingled with any other beds of the institution.

Any distinct unit a provider may wish to establish or expand has its own set of unique regulatory requirements. However, one constant is that they each must remain truly their own unit, which is primarily evidenced by establishing its own cost center and ensuring that the unit is not commingled with the main hospital.

Murer Consultants has experience and expertise in the feasibility, licensure, certification, development and management of Medicare certified DPUs. Whether you’re an inpatient or outpatient facility, Murer Consultants is available to assist your organization in meeting optimum regulatory and fiscal goals related to the institution’s anticipated line of services.

Please contact Murer Consultants to further discuss the feasibility of establishing a DPU.