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Murer Contracts Renewed by University of Kentucky and University of Illinois-Chicago

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Murer Contracts Renewed by University of Kentucky and University of Illinois-Chicago

Murer Consultants recently received notice of contract renewal, as a preferred vendor, by the University of Kentucky and the University of Illinois-Chicago. Murer’s vast level of expertise in the healthcare industry was recognized by both Academic Medical Centers which will lead to a continuation of the working relationship with each respective provider. Murer has been working with the University of Kentucky in various roles since 2012 and initiated its working relationship with UIC in 2010.

The University of Kentucky is a full service academic medical center consisting of various Hospital locations, including the 569-bed Albert B. Chandler Hospital. UK also operates various clinics for the community benefit of its patient population. Murer has been an integral part in the establishment and efficiency of the various services and locations offered at UK. Based upon Murer’s experience, and UK’s success, Murer has again been selected as a preferred vendor of the University of Kentucky.

Murer will also continue to offer its services to the University of Illinois-Chicago as a preferred vendor. UIC Hospital and Health Sciences System operates two Federally Qualified Health Centers, and a 485-bed hospital, known as University of Illinois Hospital. UIC Medical School is one of the largest academic medical centers in the United States, serving a regional and urban patient population. Murer Consultants will offer its services and assist in various roles, including: Physician Planning, Strategic and Financial Planning, Rate Modeling and Reimbursement, and other general consultative services.

For more information on Murer Consultants please visit our website at www.murer.com.  To discuss a specific situation, please contact Murer Consultants, Inc. at (708) 478-7030.

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