Mergers & Acquisitions 

Healthcare organizations look at mergers and acquisitions as attractive vehicles for augmenting their services, increasing economic scale and improving their competitive positions. Murer Consultants has a proven track record of guiding provider organizations to new levels of success via mergers and acquisitions.  Significant considerations to be carefully weighed include:

  • Acceptance of Medicare provider/supplier agreements and retroactive liability;
  • Provider-basing and multiple-campus options;
  • The implications of conducting acquisitions as initial enrollments;
  • Minimizing reimbursement and cash flow interruptions; and
  • Provider/supplier enrollment, credentialing, payor contracting and completion of initial enrollment, change of ownership and Office of Civil Rights filings.

With substantial experience in various types of mergers and acquisitions, Murer helps identify ideal partners. Murer then works with healthcare organizations to develop and implement the new enterprise’s structuring, organization and performance. Murer then works with the healthcare organization to ensure its goals are met and the new entity achieves full integration.