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Cherilyn Murer Keynotes First Midwest Bank Women’s Business Resource Group

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Cherilyn Murer Keynotes First Midwest Bank Women’s Business Resource Group

On Wednesday, March 16, 2016, President and CEO of Murer Consultants, Cherilyn Murer, provided her insights on entrepreneurship and the development of women’s careers to First Midwest Bank’s newly created Women’s Business Resource Group (WBRG). More than 120 men and women attended the inaugural event for the WBRG, which began with an introduction from Executive Vice President of First Midwest Bank’s Wealth Management group, Bob Diedrich, followed by an overview of the WBRG from Group Chair, Anne O’Connor.

During her presentation, Ms. Murer emphasized the importance of strong mentoring and fostering a culture of support and growth, especially from organizational leaders. Ms. Murer also detailed her history of decision-making and risk-taking, which served as important lessons for audience members seeking to expand and develop their own careers. As part of her closing remarks, Ms. Murer shared inspiring quotations with the audience to encourage participants to seek opportunities outside of their comfort zone, and to do so with innovation and passion.

After Ms. Murer’s presentation, the WBRG opened the floor for questions from the audience. Audience members were especially interested in Ms. Murer’s advice on mentoring and leadership styles, as well as her insights on what women can add to higher level positions in the workplace and on boards. The event concluded with a networking opportunity where WBRG members were able to personally speak with Ms. Murer about career development and entrepreneurship.

First Midwest Bank currently holds $10 billion in assets and has over 100 locations across Illinois, northwest Indiana, and eastern Iowa. First Midwest Bank’s WBRG was created in order to provide employees with educational and networking programs and career development opportunities. The WBRG plans to have quarterly events for members and supporters, as well as various community outreach events.

Ms. Murer regularly shares her experiences as an entrepreneur at speaking engagements. For more information on Ms. Murer’s presentations or future events, please contact Murer Consultants, Inc. at (708) 478-7030, and please visit our website at www.murer.com for all of the latest healthcare news and updates.

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