Our Team

Our professionals have years of experience in a broad range of organizations on a variety of projects to improve operational and financial performance. We provide comprehensive services in facility development and management, clinical operations and clinical documentation education solutions, regulatory compliance and investigations, performance improvement, and revenue cycle improvement.


Vice President, Enrollment
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Vice President/General Counsel

Senior Team Members

Ryan A. BaileySenior ConsultantJ.D., C.H.C.
Michael P. BuchanioSenior ConsultantJ.D.
Bryan J. NiehausSenior ConsultantJ.D., C.H.C.

Team Members

Vedrana AdeszkoConsultant
Jake W. BeechyConsultantJ.D.
Bridget BellaviaStatistical Analyst
Amanda BogleConsultantJ.D.
Sylvie BrickStatistical Consultant
E. Thomas CareyConsulting PharmacistPharm.D.
Pamela ChmielewskiConsultant
Thomas CliffordConsultantJ.D.
Michael FrenchConsultantJ.D.
Andrea GrahamConsultant
Lynn KuehnConsultantM.S., RHIA, CCS-P, FAHIMA
James A. LeventisConsultantJ.D.
Suzanne Q. LewisProject Analyst
Natasha Townes RobinsonConsultantJ.D.
Preston G. SislerConsultantJ.D.

Support Staff

Internship Program

Corinne MaupinInternship Program